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6 Most popular Cruise Destination In The World

In this article, you will learn about the 6 most popular cruise destination in the world. Are you looking for the best cruise destinations? After doing some online research you will notice that there are a variety of options.

Cruise industry continues to expand while at the same time you will narrowing down its focuses and themes. There are many options for you to choose from.

1. Australia

In Australia, when one hemisphere is cool, the other side will be warm naturally. The temperature in the bottom hemisphere of Australia is suitable for those people who want to greatly enjoy their vacation, escaping from the freezing northern hemisphere.

For Australia trip, December to march is a perfect time. But still, a number of tourists are going throughout the year. The beauty of Australia is truly amazing.


2. Alaska

If you want to go for a scenic cruise to explore wild extremes places, then Alaska is definitely the best option. Alaska is definitely one of the best cruise destinations for the wildlife watching. In Alaska, you will see a lot of variety of animals including from eagles and bears to sea otters and orcas.

cruise-norway3. Norway

In Norway, cruise along the Norwegian coast is best suitable for short of breathtaking. You will greatly enjoy winding in and out of towering fjords or will get to see Norway’s stunning natural beauty from up close.

This is a perfect cruise location suitable for every season of the year. Summer brings wonderfully green scenery and long days while the winter season is perfect for watching the northern lights.

4. Hong Kong

If you are planning for any cruise vacation, then you can never forget the hong kong country. In the last recent years, cruise activity along the hong kong ports have increased greatly.

From, Scenic beauty to pleasant weather, everything would be fair. This is one of the major reason for increased cruise activity in hong kong. December and January are the best months to get the full view of this country.


5. Galapagos

The people who will like the air of the Caribbean will definitely want to go for Galapagos. In Galapagos, you will greatly enjoy the natural fresh air. It is considered to be top places for nature lovers and wildlife.

If you are searching for peace and serenity in the thick bright sun and comfortable weather, then Galapagos is the best choice. Various facilities like underwater activities will also go smoothly in the calm sea.

December to January is the best place to tour where lion, sea lions, the tortoise can be sighted in plenty as this is their mating season.


6. Singapore

For its sophistication and cleanliness, Singapore takes the top spot as one of the leading cruise destinations. Singapore is a city with developed infrastructure, great cultural diversity and a great cosmopolitan feeling.

Singapore is popular for well cruise lines as well as embarkation. Singapore is one of the popular attractions, easily navigable and concentrated in the three areas: Sentosa, colonial district, and the orchard road.

So, these were the best cruise destinations in the world which you think now.