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Business Visa

Business Visa is given to those persons who have entrepreneurial and finances skills in order to facilitate setting up a business in their country and contribute a great employment.
An applicant may qualify for the Business Visa for one country but may fail to meet the criteria for others. A careful scrutiny is required to ascertain which countries may welcome him on a Business Visa.
Some countries grant Business Visas to the whole family whereas others impose restrictions on the entry of family members.

A Business Visa may have sub-classes and qualifications for each subclass may vary. Business Visa is basically a non -immigrant visa to the USA based countries. Those who would like to travel in the USA for business-related purposes and receiving payment from the USA can greatly apply for a business visa. Business Visa is granted to a foreign national who wants to visit India to establish a business or industrial venture or want to purchase/sell industrial products in India.